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Infinex Wealth Solutions - Advisory Services

Infinex Wealth Solutions is a comprehensive investment advisory program comprised of ETF and Mutual Fund wrap fee products. Our objective is to combine superior customer service and attractive long-term investment results all within a very competitive cost structure.  

Advisor as Portfolio Manager

  • Infinex Client Advisory Account Program (ICAAP)

Turnkey Solutions

  • Fund Strategist Portfolios (FSP)

  • Infinex WealthSelect

  • Separate Account Program (SMA)

Infinex Unified Managed Account

Fund Strategists

  • Target Allocation & Focused Income
  • Destinations Mutual Fund & Destinations ETF

  • Navigator Fixed Income Total Return Strategy


  • American Funds Active Core & Impact Portfolios


  • Globally Diversified Asset Allocation Models
  • Mutual Fund Models & ETF Models


  • Globally Diversified Tactical Allocation Models
  • Multi-Asset Portfolio & Tax-Managed
  • Structured & Tax-Managed
  • S&P Models

Disclosure: * Asset Allocation and diversification are methods of reducing risk. They do not assure a gain or avoidance of loss.